Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MyLot Payment Proof 3rd: USD$15.03

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A few minutes ago, I just receive my 3rd payment from MyLot. Thanks to MyLot again and I am very satisfied with MyLot and the great admin. So far, I have received 3 payments from MyLot and it is great experience using myLot.

I am going to use MyLot to make money and I am sure I can make a lot of money if I consistently participate in myLot.

Look at the payment proof below:

MyLot Payment Proof
How I make money using MyLot:
MyLot is a site that works like a forum. It is a place to talk about anything you like and you will make money by writing responses and starting new discussions in MyLot. In MyLot, the way to make money is just like chatting with friends. In MyLot, every replies you submit will generate income for you.

I am constantly using myLot to discuss and chat with all the members in MyLot and I am making money from it. So far, this is the 3rd payment I got from MyLot. 

If you are not sure what is MyLot, read more about it below:

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