Saturday, April 12, 2008

Triond: Write Articles, Share Your Articles and Make Money Online

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make money by writing articlesWhile I was surfing through the Internet today, I came across a good site that offers similar to creating a blog but the income from this site is quite special. In this site, all we need to do is to upload our contents or stories and wait for approval. After our articles are approved, we can earn money (revenue) from the stories we submitted over and over again. The site is called Triond.

The stories or posts we submitted will help us to make money every month and the money earn from our posts is unlimited. It means that we can earn money from all posts we submitted, from the oldest posts to the newest posts. The income from Triond is unlimited and non-stop.

How Triond Works?
Triond is a simple approach to make money online. All you need is your writing skill and you do not need HTML, CSS or any other programing skills at all. Write your articles and submit to Triond, start making money from your articles over and over again. The income at the beginning might be small but over the long term, it would become a big income for you.

What Triond Offers Writers?
Triond is a site where a lot of great writers gather together. Triond is having over 20,000 members. This is an added advantage to make money from Triond. Why? It is because your articles will get visitors for sure and you do not need to bother about getting traffic to your articles. All you need is submit articles to Triond and Triond will do the rest.

In my opinion, Triond is a great site offering great money making opportunity. So, I join the site to try out myself and experience whether they really pay money. I just join few minutes ago and I uploaded several posts. Anyway, I just want to share this great site with you all. Feel free to visit the site to have a look. The site is called Triond.

Notice: Subscribe readers have reach and exceed 2800 readers. I'm very happy and delighted. Thanks for subscribing!!!

About the Author: This Post is written by William Lee (Nickname: Greenleaf). Make money blogging and work from home is the best job I ever experienced.

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